Summer Rock Tour 2021

Albuquerque Photos & Videos

(This one is now done - all pics & vids have been uploaded) 😊

Trip Notes:

So this page is a little disappointing because Albuquerque was one of our favorite places to visit so far. We really loved just exploring the town and everything it had to offer. Lots of history and culture and good food, as well as being a generally cool place to explore. But Neil worked for most of the days (it was a work week after all) and Jacki is not the best at taking pics of the things she is doing.

And we didn't have any mining or rock hunting on the agenda here. Just a fun place to visit and explore. We do have a ton more photos, but they're pretty repetitive (Jacki does like taking lots of pics of the mountains that surround the city!) So we figured we'd spare you from having to look at 30 different pics of the same mountains and the same buildings and shops that we went to. ("Old Town" was awesome & we spent 2 of the 3 nights there, shopping and eating!).

But we did really love the place! 😊 👍


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Route 66 RV Park Aerial Footage

One of the nicest RV parks we’ve stayed at! I’m sure it helps that it’s part of the Route 66 Casino!

Old Town Albuquerque


Visiting Nob Hill - old historic art deco district

New Mexico just legalized recreational pot last month. There are dispensaries on every street corner already! 😳

Albuquerque sits at the base of some mountains. We had an awesome view of it but really hard to capture it on camera.

Old Town was our favorite spot