Summer Rock Tour 2021

Holbrook, AZ Photos & Videos

(Petrified Forest)

(This one is now done - all pics & vids have been uploaded) 😊


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Our Little House On The Prairie!

Finding Petrified Wood At The Dobell Ranch

A Trip To The Petrified Forest & Painted Desert


NOTE: Because many of these photos just don't look right in a small, reduced size, I've left most of the landscape shots as slightly larger-sized photos here. So they may take an extra minute or two to load up, depending on your internet speeds. But we just wouldn't be doing this place justice by only posting tiny thumbnail-sized images!


If you're on a computer, you should be able to RIGHT-CLICK and then click "OPEN IMAGE IN NEW TAB/WINDOW". This should let you see a somewhat larger size version of the photo in a new tab. Unfortunately, there's just no way to do this place justice in photos at all. It was pretty special.

The Road Trip There...

Our RV Park

our "back yard" - found some petrified wood here too!

Dobell's Petrified Wood Ranch

This is one of the only places anywhere near the Petrified Forest that you can "mine" for your own petrified wood. (It's really more like walking around and picking up the cool pieces that are laying around.) It's against federal law to pick up even one pebble inside the National Park area.

And worse, there are hundreds of stories of people who cheated and picked up some rocks there anyway and ended up being "cursed" to the point that the park now has a "mail room" filled with the rocks and pebbles and wood pieces that people have mailed back to them just to stop the curse! It's a real thing!! 😳

Can you imagine how hard it was for Jacki to walk around that park all day and not pick up a single rock?!?

They've pulled millions of dollars worth of petrified wood from this little area (her "ranch") for over 40+ years now.

large tree trunk completely petrified - about 36" diameter (worth over $10k)

Rhonda Dobell - owner/proprietor for 40+ years

This is the only road signage she has!

another trunkload full of rocks 🤷‍♂️

We got some large & awesome pieces at Rhonda's ranch!

We got some large & awesome pieces at Rhonda's ranch!

Petrified Forest & Painted Desert (phone pics)

In front of the gift shop (not real)

unfinished petrified wood sells for $2/ pound here (much more as you get farther away from this part of Arizona!)

But the polished & finished pieces sell for about $60-$150 for a piece about the size of your hand! 🙌💰🙌💰🙌

Yes, a lot of these kind of look alike, but they are really all different places throughout the park. The big pics look awesome so just deal with it. :-)

Petrified Forest & Painted Desert - "BIG CAMERA PICS"

Unfortunately, it's just impossible to really convey the size and scale and awesomeness of this place in photos. If you've ever been to the Grand Canyon or any similar place and taken photos you know what I'm talking about. Even the large, full-size resolution photos on a jumbo screen can barely do it justice. And that would take forever to load on a website. So you'll just have to imagine how much more awesomer this place is in person!

But you CAN do the whole RIGHT-CLICK --> OPEN IMAGE IN NEW TAB thing to at least see them a little large if you want.

It's impossible to see the scale in this shot. But you're looking down about 300 feet here. Those petrified tree trunks are at least 5-6 feet in diameter. The boulders are easily 50-80 feet wide.

part of the Painted Desert

"Newspaper Rock" - this rock is covered with carvings that date back thousands of years. It tells the stories of the Native Americans that passed through here over the centuries. You're looking down on it from about 50 feet up on an opposing ridge. The rock is about 30 feet tall.

more carvings on an adjacent rock

more of the Painted Desert