Summer Rock Tour 2021

Deming, NM Photos & Videos

(Rockhound State Park)

(This one is now done - all pics & vids have been uploaded) 😊

Trip Notes:

Deming, New Mexico started a string of 4 different stops that only lasted for 2 nights each. Since one of those days was packing up, driving to the next location, then unpacking everything and setting up again, that meant we really only had one full day at the location.

For a couple of these stops, I (Neil) just didn't get out of the bus at all. (Still had to work!) But I'm also the primary photographer and videographer in the family. So the only pics we have for these next few stops are the ones that Jacki took while she was out searching for treasure. (She's getter better at these!)


VIDEO TIP (Faster Playback)

If you click the little "gear" ⚙️ icon at the bottom right of the video, it will allow you to speed up the playback so it will play through the video faster.