Summer Rock Tour 2021

Fredericksburg TX Photos & Videos

(Topaz & artifact hunting in south Texas)

(This one is now done - all pics & vids have been uploaded) 😊

Trip Notes:

FInally! Our first place in a week and a half where we stayed for more than one full day! Although we were here for 4 nights, it still seemed like the time flew by way too fast. Part of that is likely the dread of finally having to go home soon. ☹️ But we did have fun (as always) and Jacki did find a few little "treasures" during our stay.


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Truck Stop Tamales!

Our RV Park From Above & Below

Checking In From The Lindsay Ranch


"It's A Wendel Full Life Ranch"

This is a place that Jacki went to where they dump big buckets of dirt onto sifting tables and you sift through it to find Native American artifcats (arrowheads, tools, etc.) as well as flint and an occasional topaz and other gemstones.

Lindsay Ranch

This is one of the few remaining spots in Texas where you can still dig for topaz. There's only a relatively small area in Texas where they can even be found (Mason County) and the rest of the privately owned ranches have now stopped allowing people to go and dig for them. We got to spend some time with the owner (Deloris Lindsay) who's family has owned this ranch since the 1800's. She had just recently published her own book of her family and history (which Jacki bought). Very interesting lady! (Who loves to talk! 😳)

We didn't really take many pictures during our full day there. One of the videos above is from us standing in the middle of Comanche Creek digging for topaz (which turned out to be really hard to find!). We think we may have several pieces of topaz but are waiting on a professional evaluation before we get too excited! 🙌

The "dirt" that we are sitting on in all of these pics is actually Comanche Creek. Most creeks in this part of the country are completely dry like this for most of the time. When they do get some heavy rains, these quickly flood and become like a raging river again. It's actually very coarse sand that is pretty easy to dig in.

It's actually very coarse sand that is pretty easy to dig in. And we were very grateful for that as it was 98 degrees today!