Summer Rock Tour 2021

Forth Worth TX Photos & Videos

(This one is now done - all pics & vids have been uploaded) 😊

Trip Notes:

Just a little sightseeing for these few days. The Stockyards at Fort Worth were awesome And we also spent a day at the world's largest flea market!


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A Thundering Stampede Of Raging Bulls!

The World’s Largest Flea Market?

The World’s Largest Flea Market?


The Stockyards at Forth Worth

For well over a hundred years, this is the place where the cattle farms all over this part of the country brought their livestock for sale and transfer out to the rest of the country. So there's a lot of history here (which is cool). But also a lot of horses, bulls, and all manner of cattle and livestock. And the occasional cow patty. 💩 😬

World's Largest Flea Market

It was really really big! 😳

The world's first frozen margarita!?